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6-Pack: Top Episodes from Engaging Leader

by Tom Hitchcock on June 26, 2015

Here’s a sampling of some of our most popular podcast episodes … packaged up for your summertime listening pleasure to help you communicate, engage, and lead with greater impact!


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M-Life 1Back in episode 14, we talked about the six drivers of behavioral engagement. One driver is Structural Ability; in other words, make it easy for people to take the recommended actions that will improve their physical or financial health. Another of the six drivers is Personal Motivation; make it what they want to do. Gamification is an emerging trend that many organizations find can help both make it easy and make it want they want to do. Back in episode 8, we looked at Keas, which uses gamification to boost wellness engagement; and in episode 5, we looked at Change Healthcare, and its focus on consumerism. Today we’re looking at MacroLife, and its creators say it integrates a wide range of employee benefits.

MacroLife is a new gamified benefits solution from ACI Specialty Benefits, one of the 10 largest providers in the US of Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services, as well as wellness, work/life, concierge, and student assistance services.

(This interview was originally featured as episode 30 on our Game Changer podcast series.)

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