The Engaging Leader program includes podcasts, videos, speaking presentations, blog, and books to help leaders communicate, engage, and lead with greater impact.

Host: Jesse Lahey, SPHR

Jesse LaheyJesse is a speaker, author, and consultant with over 20 years of experience in leadership and workforce communications.

Jesse is the host of three podcasts – Engaging Leader, Workforce Health Engagement, and Game Changer – heard by thousands of leaders around the world. He is the author of 8 Communication Tools for Leaders: Become a Better Leader in Every Area of Life, co-author of Gamification: Engaging Your Workforce, and editor of Making Character First: Building a Culture of Character in Any Organization. He is Chief Engagement Officer (CEO) of Aspendale Communications, a team of consultants founded in 2004 to help employers attract and retain top talent, engage employees, and deliver superior business results.

Prior to founding Aspendale Communications, he was a partner at a human resources consulting firm. Jesse’s experience also includes serving as a communication specialist with a global management consulting firm and as the HR communication leader at a Fortune 500 manufacturer with nearly 20,000 employees worldwide.

Jesse, Erin, and FamilyBoth Jesse and his wife Erin have a longtime passion for communication, leadership, and continual learning. They met while performing in high school theater, and both started writing and editing professionally while in college. They have four children.

Jesse has served on the boards of various non-profits throughout his career. Currently, he chairs the board of a faith-based resource center dedicated to strengthening families through parenting classes, material assistance when needed, and other services.

mb-triathlonIn 2009, Jesse’s passion for learning and health led him to train for a triathlon. After discovering the sport to be a fun way to maintain and even improve health, Jesse engaged several family members and friends to join him each year in various triathlons, marathons, and other endurance events. Years later, Team Hanladan is still having fun together.

Production Team

Engaging Leader is a production of Aspendale Communications. The show’s producer is Monica HarrisonTom Hitchcock is our programming director.

Jesse is frequently joined on the show by our terrific co-hosts:

  • Terry Sherwood: Terry has over 25 years of experience helping companies communicate effectively with their employees. She has held senior positions with several global consulting firms, and she’s been a senior consultant with Aspendale since 2004.
  • Erin Lahey: Erin is an editor with Aspendale. Due to her deep research and practical application, she is frequently asked to speak and give advice on health and gardening. She has played violin since 2010. Erin also is host of another large podcast, as well as a homeschooling mother and (most challenging of all) Jesse’s wife.
  • Marty Lahey: Marty has more than 25 years of experience in Fortune 500 leadership roles and as CFO of smaller organizations. In 2002, he started a restaurant and catering business that he still leads today. In triathlons and other endurance events, he frequently achieves first or second place in his age bracket. Being the great leader and communicator that he is, Marty tries to keep it a secret that Jesse is his favorite child. (You read it on the Internet, so it must be true, right?)

Special thanks to James Marler, our sound engineer; Cliff Ravenscraft, our podcasting advisor; Rick Tarrant, our announcer; and Max Brodie, who composed our theme music.