Lahey Easter Shake [video]

by JJ Lahey on March 31, 2013

My family made a Harlem Shake video to celebrate Easter. Obviously. Do I really have to explain what the Harlem Shake has to do with Easter? Maybe so, but would it help if I point out the resurrection at the end of our video?

Some thoughts about what this has to do with leadership and communication:

  • The family (or team) that plays together, stays together.
  • Despite that it’s beating a dead horse to make a Harlem Shake video, people who know us really enjoy and love this video. They’ve seen many Harlem Shake videos; but they’ve never seen our particular version of this silliness. Making it personal can be worth a lot of emotional capital for those you’re seeking to engage.
  • The tarp scene surprises people. Sometimes one little twist is all that’s needed to freshen up something that’s gotten old.

It may seem easy to make a video like this. But I can assure you that it required masterful leadership, brilliant creativity, significant cinematography skills, and a lack of shame.

Happy Easter from the Lahey Fam and the Engaging Leader team!

  • Wow! That’s Awesome! Great Fun with the Family! You have a beautiful and fun family. Yes. A family that plays & prays together….Stays together.

    You maybe seeing a video response with my family. :-)

    • David, thanks! We had a ton of fun doing it, except when we were arguing about how a given scene should work. ;)
      I would love to see what your family does!

  • That looked like it was a lot of fun, Jesse. I feel inspired now. I wonder if I can get my dogs to cooperative??

    • Susie, LOL! You can imagine how hard it was for us to get our horses to cooperate for even one scene … we barely got the shots we needed before the camera battery died.

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