Engaging Must-Reads: How to communicate expectations, how one key question gets results, and more!

by JJ Lahey on January 21, 2013

This week’s picks for worthwhile reading on leadership communication from around the web.

  • Change Your Story, Change Your Life
    Messages matter, including those you tell yourself. / http://bit.ly/VuKX0k
  • Your Employees Are Not Mind Readers
    How to communicate expectations, by former CEO of Campbell Soup. / http://bit.ly/VnjoTJ
  • How One Key Question Gets Results
    Start planning a presentation by asking this one question. / http://bit.ly/VYsy8w
  • 3 Secrets to Cut Your Meeting Time in Half
    Set the expectation that meetings should pay off! / http://bit.ly/VYsxSb
  • What type of work is best for Friday?
    By the end of the week, your energy levels are usually ebbing. / http://bit.ly/XqZ8lv
  • Changing Our Tune on Exercise
    Good example of framing the message for better influence. / http://nyti.ms/TkfzMS
  • 4 Things You Can Do To Be a Better Leader and The Basket
    Great list; I never saw baskets that way. / http://goo.gl/WOyEV
  • Who Has the “Why”?
    Engaged employees take responsibility for their careers, success, & fulfillment. / http://bit.ly/Wzu1B8 via @timothyrclark

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