All of us have at least one person or group of people that we work with who has an issue that we really need to address — a performance problem, a behavioral issue, a piece of spinach stuck in their teeth — but for some reason, we avoid bringing up the topic with them. We’ve all been there.

Perhaps we’re afraid of hurting their feelings, getting a negative reaction, having our helpful intentions misunderstood, or otherwise causing an unintended consequence. So we don’t bring it up, and the ignored topic becomes the proverbial elephant in the room that gets bigger over time … continuing to hold back that person’s true success and also negatively affecting us and others on the team. We aren’t doing anyone a favor by pretending it doesn’t exist. So how can we address the elephant in a way that we can be confident is likely to bring about a healthy result? [click to continue…]


redmansignA few years ago, my local gym posted a photo of a handwritten sign that had been posted outside the hospital room of a Navy Seal who had been severely wounded in battle. “The wounds I received,” wrote Lt. Jason Redman, “I got in a job I love, doing it for people I love, supporting the freedom of a country I deeply love.” I was so inspired by his courage, sacrifice, and perseverance that I told many people about the sign, and even discussed it in a podcast with my oldest son. Earlier this year, a family member saw Jason Redman speak and was so impressed that she sent me his book. I was surprised to learn there is so much more to Jason’s story, and so much that we can learn from him to take our leadership to the next level.

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My Bad, Your Bad? How to Talk About Mistakes So You Can Move on

September 28, 2015

I’m not a big fan of assigning blame for a mistake or problem. I’d much rather focus on fixing the problem or finding a solution. As a leader, whenever a problem occurs on my team, I can usually drill down deep enough to find that I was responsible at some level. For example, Aspendale produces […]

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120: How to Lead Through Failure: 11 Ways to Drive Results While Reducing Mistakes

September 15, 2015

Does the way you lead communicate to your team that failure is not an option? If so, you are limiting innovation and development, encouraging cover-ups and lies, and breeding more-serious mistakes. This is true whether you lead a family, a small organization, or a huge business. “The best way to minimize failure is to embrace […]

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015: How to Deal with Resistance to Change | with Megan Burns

December 6, 2012

Guest Megan Burns is a consultant, speaker, & managing director of Operations Strategy Consulting. She has more than 15 years of industrial engineering and supply chain management experience. A certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Megan has worked with companies throughout North America and in 14 different countries. In this episode, Jesse and Megan discuss continuous […]

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