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003: 5 Steps to Creating a Communication Plan

5 Steps to Creating a Communication Plan

The natural tendency for many leaders when facing a communication issue is to skip critical planning steps and jump right into tactics. Unfortunately, by not being strategic, leaders can miss opportunities to more effectively engage employees or others – or worse, actually produce unintended negative consequences.

In this episode, Jesse shares a five-step process for creating an effective communication strategy:

  1. Mission/Measurement (outcomes)
  2. Members (audience/stakeholder)
  3. Messages
  4. Media
  5. Manager/Champion support


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2 replies on “003: 5 Steps to Creating a Communication Plan”

There is a reason for the saying “communication is key.”
If all the areas do not get clearly communicated to, then the business lacks in someone. Is the delivery guy who just drops stuff get acknowledged.
Thank you Jesse.

Note: Check the second the second bullet point under resources.

K, bye

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