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015: How to Deal with Resistance to Change | with Megan Burns

How to Deal with Resistance to ChangeGuest Megan Burns is a consultant, speaker, & managing director of Operations Strategy Consulting. She has more than 15 years of industrial engineering and supply chain management experience. A certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Megan has worked with companies throughout North America and in 14 different countries.

In this episode, Jesse and Megan discuss continuous improvement and how to handle resistance to change. The practice of continuous improvement by definition requires change … people making changes that continuously improve a process. Furthermore, in most organizations, implementing continuous improvement requires a change in culture. Together they explore the following questions:

  • We hear that people are naturally resistant to change. Is that true?
  • Why can it be hard to engage employees and executives to become fully committed to continuous improvement?
  • And yet, isn’t it true that continuous improvement itself is a way to engage employees more fully in their work and the company?
  • How do you get employees to believe in continuous improvement?
  • How do you get both production workers and knowledge workers to implement continuous improvement?
  • What are the  different types of resistance to change that leaders often face?
  • How can you minimize resistance from the outset?

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3 replies on “015: How to Deal with Resistance to Change | with Megan Burns”

Manufacturing and change seem to be something that would go together. Teaching it in that atmosphere would make it at the top area of where it needs to be taught. Making the change aware and not that it is an iceberg which just appears.
Thank you Jesse and Megan.

K, bye

Christopher, yes, and nearly every business in every industry needs to get comfortable with frequent change … in this day and age, any person or organization that is not continuously improving and responding to outside changes is going to be left behind sooner or later.

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