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067: 3 drivers of the new “Connected Economy” demanding the shift to Influence 3.0

We have done it ourselves | | photo courtesy of (2957252 @ Dmitry.Zimin)Since the 1980s, there’s been constant discussion about the difference between a manager and a leader. The basic distinction has been:

  • Manager: Works through people to get things done.
  • Leader: Sets direction and inspires people to get the RIGHT things done.

Both are needed, but the consistent message has been that a great leader – one who is charismatic, visionary, and excellent at making decisions – is the key to results. As Jesse has written before, traditional leadership no longer produces superior results.

Manager or leader? This is no longer the right discussion. We don’t simply need managers and leaders. We need engagers.

Jesse discusses the three new realities that have driven the shift to Engagership (Influence 3.0):

  • New speed
  • New motivation
  • New communication

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2 replies on “067: 3 drivers of the new “Connected Economy” demanding the shift to Influence 3.0”

Another great discussion. I love the point about brevity. A few years ago I participated in a Pecha Kucha (pronounced Pah Ca Chuh),, a presentation format of 20 slides, 20 seconds a slide. It revolutionized my thoughts about communication. Spare use of forces you to be intentional on what you have to say. Thanks Jesse.

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