Workforce Health Engagement™

Workforce Health Engagement podcastWorkforce Health Engagement is a show exploring strategies to improve your employees’ health and productivity – and to protect your bottom line. Join us as industry experts discuss how to engage employees in population health management, wellness, and healthcare consumerism.

Workforce Health Engagement is a special series for CEOs, HR executives, and other business leaders about creating a culture of health and building on the latest trends in areas such as communication, epidemiology, disease management, benefit plan design, worksite clinics, price transparency, and more.

Over the long term, a “program of the day” won’t help you boost employee health, productivity, and your bottom line. For sustainable success, you need an integrated approach to workforce health engagement.


Grokker is an on-demand wellness solution that engages employees with better health through video, experts, and community. Loved by users in 172 countries around the world and used by top employers like eBay, Aetna, and Pinterest, Grokker was named to the 2017 CNBC Upstart 25 list for successful startups.

With over 4,000 exercise, mindfulness, nutrition and sleep videos from 5 to 50 minutes, more than 130 master experts to choose from, and a supportive community to connect employees across locations, Grokker takes the work out of workplace wellness with an easy-to-implement, holistic, and cost-effective program. [click to continue…]



“Stress is the new fat. It makes us sick, depletes us emotionally, and diminishes our quality of life.”
~ Jan Bruce, co-author of meQuilibrium

Just like managing weight, managing stress is about becoming aware of personal choices and making better ones, and rewiring thought patterns so that an individual’s habits sustain well-being rather than sabotage it. Learning resilience gets to the root cause of stress and unhealthy behaviors by helping people challenge and adapt their thinking. [click to continue…]


WHE31: Building a High-Performance and Health-Driven Culture at Trek Bikes | with John Burke, CEO

June 5, 2017

The organizations that are most successful in building a culture of health begin at the top, with key leaders championing a vision that includes the wellbeing of every employee. In this episode, Jesse interviews John Burke, CEO of Trek Bikes, who took a stand 13 years ago that launched a culture that has produced improvements […]

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WHE30: Millennials and Healthcare: How They Experience the System | with Hector De La Torre

August 22, 2016

They’re supposedly young and healthy, but a new study shows that more than half of Millennials report having a chronic health condition. In addition, Millennials struggle how to navigate the health care system, starting with choosing an appropriate health plan in the first place.

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WHE29: Behavioral Economics for Business Leaders: Turn Good Intentions into Positive Results | with Bob Nease

April 26, 2016

The new book, The Power of Fifty Bits: The New Science of Turning Good Intentions into Positive Results, by Bob Nease, PhD, is the first practical guide for business leaders to apply behavioral economics to activate the good intentions of people in their workforce. Behavioral economics has shown that people’s choices and actions often are […]

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WHE28: Avoiding Workplace Burnout | with Bill Holston

March 22, 2016

One of the surprising things about workplace burnout is that no one is immune. Even the most engaged, productive, and passionate people can experience burnout — in fact, their dedication may cause them to be even more susceptible than others. In Engaging Leader episode 019, How to Help Your Team Have More Great Days at […]

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WHE27: How to Engage Senior Leaders in Wellness Communications | with Mark Snyder from Owens Corning

November 24, 2015

  As with any important initiative, it’s vital to have the CEO and other senior leaders actively supporting workforce health engagement. These executives can help to: Articulate why the initiative is important to the organization’s purpose and business strategy, Create buy-in from all levels of the organization, Cultivate a supportive work environment, Dedicate resources, and […]

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WHE26: Mobile Platforms for Workforce Health Engagement

October 27, 2015

If you haven’t yet realized it, there’s been a communication revolution building, and it has now reached the tipping point for workforce health engagement. People are now using mobile devices more than desktop computers for digital media, with mobile apps dominating the usage. Text messaging has become the preferred communication method for most people. And people […]

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WHE25: For Stronger Motivation, Promote Energy – Not Just Good Health | with Tom Rath

July 22, 2015

Making the connection between better health decisions and daily energy levels does far more to change employee behavior than telling them about longer-term health consequences. At most organizations, a workforce health strategy includes communication and education to motivate and equip employees and their families to reduce health risks, improve well-being, and prevent the development of […]

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WHE24: Benefits Engagement through Gamification | with Dr. Ann Clark and Erin Krehbiel of ACI/MacroLife

June 23, 2015

Back in episode 14, we talked about the six drivers of behavioral engagement. One driver is Structural Ability; in other words, make it easy for people to take the recommended actions that will improve their physical or financial health. Another of the six drivers is Personal Motivation; make it what they want to do. Gamification […]

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WHE23: Slim-by-Design Workplace: Mindless Eating Solutions for a Healthier Workforce | with Brian Wansink

May 26, 2015

The best wellness programs are ones people don’t even know they’re doing. That may sound like a pipe dream, but a leading researcher says it’s realistic and effective. A few small changes in the workplace can change a waistline … and a culture. Leading behavioral economist, food psychologist, and bestselling author Brian Wansink, Ph.D., joins […]

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WHE22: How Well-being Engagement Trumps Wellness | with Doug Stover from Gallup

April 29, 2015

According to The Gallup Organization, only 24% of employees at companies that offer a wellness program actually participate in it. What’s more, only 12% of employees strongly agree that they have substantially higher overall well-being because of their employer. Today we’ll discuss what’s wrong with the traditional approach to workplace wellness, and how your organization […]

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