How to Turbo-Boost Your Leadership Influence: Add Professional Speaking to Your Career Portfolio

I recently interviewed Kent Julian on episode 26 of the Engaging Leader podcast, about “How to Improve Your Public Speaking and Be a Leader Worth Following.”

When we decided we wanted to interview a public speaking expert on the Engaging Leader podcast, Kent was our first choice. That’s because Kent and his Speak It Forward Program helped me personally identify my speaking vision that ultimately became the public-speaking component of Engaging Leader.


Listen to Episode 026: How to Improve Your Public Speaking and Be a Leader Worth Following | with Kent Julian

For anyone considering adding professional speaking to their career portfolio: Kent’s Speak It Forward Boot Camp outside of Atlanta, Georgia, on May 2-4, 2013 is THE no-holds barred, information-rich jumpstart you need to stop wasting your time and get to the platform fast. To save $50 off the registration, use the code jesse.

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