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Using Gamification to Engage Employees

Game Changer: Using Gamification to Engage EmployeesGamification is the use of game-inspired tactics to engage people. For example, FitBit has turned physical fitness into a social video game. By adding elements of fun, feedback, and friendly competition, organizations can attract broader attention and create deeper engagement among employees and other stakeholders.

The term “gamification” gained popularity in 2010, and by the end of 2012, it had reached mega-trend status. But is it worth all the hype that vendors are pushing? The research firm Gartner predicts that many gamified applications will fail to meet business objectives due to poor design, ineffective communication, or ill-defined business objectives. In the long term, however, Gartner says organizations that use gamification effectively will see a significant business impact and stronger employee engagement.

Jesse Lahey, SPHRIn this unbiased presentation by an engagement expert who doesn’t create or sell gaming applications, you’ll learn about organizations using gamification to engage employees in areas such as innovation, recruiting and onboarding, performance management, health and wellness, retirement planning, productivity enhancement, sustainability, training, and knowledge management.

With our fun and interactive approach, we’ll help you “level up” your knowledge about employee gamification.

  • Level 1: Understand what gamification is
  • Level 2: Learn examples and pitfalls
  • Level 3: Know how to assess when it’s an appropriate strategy
  • Level 4: Be able to evaluate gamification partners and ideas from an educated standpoint.

For a preview of our teaching on this topic, check out these samples.

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