The Productive habit tracker is an app that reminds you of things you’d like to do on a regular basis. I look at it a few times each day to see if there is anything I forgot to do. Its interface makes it fun and easy. Previously, I tried putting these types of activities in other components of my productivity system, such as my daily todo list, but that had several disadvantages.

There are certain activities or disciplines I want to do on a daily or weekly basis — for the sake of my physical, mental, and family wellbeing, as well as my personal effectiveness and growth. For example, as I have gotten older, I’ve learned that I need to do daily calf stretches, or else within a couple weeks I will develop ankle pain or even plantar fasciitis.

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3 Apps for Quick NY Resolutions — It’s Not Too Late to Start

January 10, 2017

Starting a new year is a great time to start healthy new habits, quit unhealthy ones, or just try something new that may improve your life’s satisfaction or effectiveness. But it’s already more than a week into the new year. Many of us have already tried and failed on our resolutions. For many others, the […]

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144: Best Communication Tools for Teamwork

September 15, 2016

On Engaging Leader, we share a lot of principles about leadership communication, but what about collaboration communication? In other words, what’s the most effective and efficient way to talk to the colleagues and clients you work with most closely in order to do great work together?

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Plan Effective Leadership Communication with the Target Outcome Scope [video]

February 19, 2015

The target outcome is something that will change as the result of your words and/or actions. It’s the end result you hope to achieve. To get laser-focused, I use a tool I call the Target Outcome Scope. It’s like a scope on a rifle or crossbow, to help make sure my communication is aimed at […]

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7 Tricks for Taming the Email Monster

July 3, 2013

Communication is key to being an effective leader. And generally speaking, frequent and fast communication is better. However, many leaders over-do it when it comes to responding to email they receive.   By spending most days distracted by their computer or mobile device, many leaders miss out on: Clear, strategic thinking Uninterrupted work focused on […]

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8 Communication Tools for Leaders

January 21, 2013

New E-Book Helps You Become a Better Leader in Every Area of Life! In the 21st century, leadership relies more on communication than ever before. Today, a leader is communicating nearly constantly, whether or not you know it. But are you truly taking advantage of my opportunities to engage the people you care about? Here […]

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Do You Know Your Target Audience? How to Do Stakeholder Analysis [video]

September 14, 2012

An effective communication strategy includes all 5M components: Mission/Measurement, Members, Messages, Media, and Manager/Champion Support. (We will be providing an overview of all 5M components in episode 003 of the Engaging Leader Podcast yet this week.) Stakeholder Analysis is very helpful with the second “M.” It is a simple exercise that you can complete as […]

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Do You Understand Your Target Audience? How to Use an Empathy Map [video]

August 29, 2012

One of the great leadership teachers of our time passed away on July 16, 2012. Dr. Stephen Covey was the author of several books, most notably the highly influential book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. He wrote it way back in 1989, and yet it is still front and center in many bookstores […]

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