How to Use Mirror Neurons to Influence People [video]

When communicating with people, if we trigger their mirror neurons, they will be more empathetic to our perspective. They will be much more likely to be influenced by the way we’re thinking.


Podcast episode 004: Powerful Empathy

6 Reasons Empathy Will Make You A Powerful Leader

Thank you to the following experts who taught me about mirror neurons: Amery Burnham and David Burnham (Burnham Rosen) and Helio Fred Garcia (Logos Institute).

Link to transcript of this video: How to Use Mirror Neurons to Influence People [transcript]

2 replies on “How to Use Mirror Neurons to Influence People [video]”

So, was Bill Clinton triggering people’s empathy neurons when he would say, “I feel your pain?” That man was shameless, though ahead of his time!

Neville, I suppose the question is whether it was genuine empathy. Many people doubted at the time that he could make that claim to the middle class, since the Clintons’ household income was pretty hefty. But he won two elections, so a lot of people apparently felt that he did indeed have a heart for their situation. Perhaps it’s a lesson that any of us can use our imagination to truly put ourself in another person’s shoes, and how powerful that empathy can be … though we may not all agree with how Clinton used his influence.

Great to connect with you, my friend!

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