008: How to Become an Interactive Leader

by Jesse Lahey on October 18, 2012


In episode 006, Jesse outlined the three primary motives — Achievement, Affiliation, and Impact. He shared that for any leader or influential person, Impact is the most powerful motive.

In this episode, Jesse explores the question, is it enough to have Impact thought patterns? The answer is that it used to be, but research has shown that for the last decade or so, the leaders who are most successful are those who practice Interactive Impact. In this episode, Jesse discusses the importance of Interactive Impact and becoming an interactive leader by exploring the questions:

  • What is interactive leadership?
  • How do you become an interactive leader?
  • Is interactive leadership important only in business, or also in our personal lives and family situations?

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  • Good lessons.
    Showing examples of work and how they also applies at home reminds us to balance our lives.
    Thank thee folks.

    K, bye

    • Christopher, thanks for the feedback. It’s good to know that we helped people see how interactive leadership applies at home too, because many people have a hard time seeing how it applies outside of business.

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